Making progress

Well I am thinking about using a database instead of .txt but that would defeat the whole purpose XD, but it would include a button to create a text file from the database to make it readable on any machine. I’m just saying this because VB 2008 is a huge pain when it comes to managing .txt files, I used some code that said essentially the same thing as the Add Item button in VB 6 but instead of printing it to the text file all nice and neat it printed a huge space, then what I wanted to print ON THE SAME LINE! Huge pain but I’ll figure it out eventually.


Going to Visual Basic 2008

I’m going to try and teach myself Visual Basic 2008 and will be developing¬† the program in that language from now on, this means the project is on hold until i find a decent help site :P, and get a decent knowledge so I don’t have to ask for all the code on the help site :P.

Alpha xcoming todayx here!

Will be uploading alpha version today (only add item button works so far archive button is halfway there). Alpha is available here:

E-mail me of any bugs at: morm[remove if not a bot]reed@[remove again]

Bug 1: Task doesn’t end for some reason, run the program then close it a few times, then look at the task list Todo.txt GUI is listed multiple times

Bug 2: Archived Tasks button doesn’t work

Sourceforge site should be online soon!

I applied for hosting form Sourceforge I am very happy to say they accepted my application and soon I will be putting up an index. Also as of now I have finished coding the add item button, begun work on the archive button (almost done), coded the display of finished tasks and tasks todo, and coded a backup button the project is moving ahead at a good pace, beta could be finished within a week of now, possibly less.

A Decision Has Been Made

I have decided to include dropdown File menus just for the sake of looking professional, and cool, yes I know such a dramatic title for such a small announcement, you must be so disappointed.

Much harder than I thought…

So turns out this is going to be way more time-consuming and challenging than I thought, I still plan on doing it though and I have come up with a feature list (items with a ? may or may not happen):

  • Record tasks
  • Archive tasks
  • Keep both lists in .txt format
  • ?Schedule reminders?
  • Clear tasks
  • Display tasks
  • Display archived tasks
  • Delete Tasks
  • ?Print tasks?
  • ?Print archived tasks
  • Remove tasks from file
  • Create a file containing tasks without quotes or commas
  • ?Keep multiple lists
  • ?Daily/Weekly List?
  • ?Remember date?
  • Remember when archived/when scheduled
  • Sort by priority
  • ?Color code?
  • ?Easter eggs :P?
  • ?Dropdown file menus?
  • Confirmation dialogs
  • Backup files before critical operations
  • ?Automatically restore files?
  • ?Graphic display of tasks?

That is the list for now I will work most of those out for the beta hopefully then all or close to all for the final version.

By the way I just found out that you won’t need to install the aforementioned files from Microsoft the installer will contain the necessary files.

Creation of the blog!

Well today is the day I have created this blog and decided to make a GUI version of the popular todo.txt scripts that can be found here: I love the concept of this and I have used it but I soon wanted a more user friendly way to display what I have left and what I have done. I also think that there are many people out there that are truly too lazy to learn command line commands or even download the proper environment. Thus out of these few thoughts GUI Todo.txt was created. To use this program you will need to install this these are run-time files needed to run programs made in Visual Basic. (Please see this link for information regarding the crossed out text: Beta version will be up soon, hopefully within about a week.

The logo I am using is an edited version of the original Todo.txt logo found here: