Much harder than I thought…

So turns out this is going to be way more time-consuming and challenging than I thought, I still plan on doing it though and I have come up with a feature list (items with a ? may or may not happen):

  • Record tasks
  • Archive tasks
  • Keep both lists in .txt format
  • ?Schedule reminders?
  • Clear tasks
  • Display tasks
  • Display archived tasks
  • Delete Tasks
  • ?Print tasks?
  • ?Print archived tasks
  • Remove tasks from file
  • Create a file containing tasks without quotes or commas
  • ?Keep multiple lists
  • ?Daily/Weekly List?
  • ?Remember date?
  • Remember when archived/when scheduled
  • Sort by priority
  • ?Color code?
  • ?Easter eggs :P?
  • ?Dropdown file menus?
  • Confirmation dialogs
  • Backup files before critical operations
  • ?Automatically restore files?
  • ?Graphic display of tasks?

That is the list for now I will work most of those out for the beta hopefully then all or close to all for the final version.

By the way I just found out that you won’t need to install the aforementioned files from Microsoft the installer will contain the necessary files.


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