‘Archive Task’ button done!

Yes you read it right, the button giving me so much trouble last time has been completed, relatively easily I might add, loop through, read the task, check it against the task you want archived and write the remaining tasks to a new file, delete the old todo.txt and rename the new one to todo.txt, much easier than what I had to do before, and this time around you can read and edit the file without the need for a special button because VB 2008 doesn’t put quotes around strings in text files, it’s nice really made my job much easier, now I just need to create a ‘View Archived Tasks’ button, which will basically load a new form and call a slightly edited version of procedure that loads the Todo tasks, I uploaded a version to sourceforge last night but I ran into some bugs when I ran through error checking one more time so just don’t download that file, I put it in the Alpha .01 package I believe.


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