Frustration is mounting

It seems every time i open VB 2008 something new is going wrong, I have no idea what the f**k is going on right here (sorry for the foul language I’m just really frustrated right now). So I open VB 2008 and run the program, it works fine, as recently posted I finished the ‘Archive Task’ button so i figure I’ll whip up a form to display archived tasks. I create the form and code the load event to read all the task from the file, this is what happens it shows 1 out of all the archived tasks. I go into the file and it turns out it’s been writing blank lines between every task, without the line terminator or vbNewLine, so I have no idea what’s going on. Also I had finished the ‘New Task’ button, but turns out that buttons has been writing blank lines in the file too. I have no idea what’s going on and I need to step away from this for a bit, probably something like a week.


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