Weekly Update #2

Not much got done this week but I worked on some more commenting and I did a but more on the options, still only one option right now but I am still not finished coding it in right now, I’m thinking about putting out another preview version, which is truly what the alpha version was. That’s it, I was lazy last week but I have this week off from school so I might get more work done or I’ll just screw off the whole time… pretty tempting. That’s it for this week, short one because not much was really done.


Program Update #1

Today is Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 and this update is a day late, great way to get started eh? So for the real stuff now, I have mostly done the backup sub routine and all that is left is to copy and paste some code for backing up individual files. I have added a feature so that now if you double click a task in the listbox it will pop up with information about the task, basically it just breaks the string apart into labels and gives it to you in an easily digestable format. Besides that I really fixed the archive file bug, I though I had but when I tried to archive multiple tasks they just overwrote the previous task on the first line, what I didn’t realize is that I needed to open the file in append mode; this means you are adding onto the end of the file instead of creating a new one and writing text to it. I also created options and will be creating a splash screen which will require a button to continue on to the normal program but this can be disabled in the options I have added. The options so far allow you to decide whether or not you want to backup files before they are accessed and stores it in a file called options.ini. There has been no progress whatsoever on the logo because I have zero talent with photoshop but they will get done eventually. So for the end of blog number one I’m out and see you next week (on monday).

I’m Back Once Again

I’ve been doing quite a plethora of things whilst I have been neglecting this project but you never know what 5 maybe 10 minutes of bug fixing and commenting code can do (mostly the commenting code). So normal everyday life has been moving forwards yet this project has failed to become part of everyday life for me unfortunately so it has not gone on. Through recent inspiration, boredness orĀ  divine intervention I have decided to continue this project. I will eventually be updating the logo and icon because to be honest with you they are terrible and I have learned a little bit (a very little bit) of Photoshop while neglecting this project. I promise you this project will not be left alone in my head and on my hard drive to suffer through hope then be denied what it deserves, to be finished. It also helps that I just found the most frustrating bug in my code. I decided to take this task head on and go at the hardest things first while I still have any enthusiasm left in me and so I took a look at what was happening with the “Archive” button. The problem was that it was not actually archiving the tasks, the only things that ended up in the finished tasks list box were a few test tasks that I put into the file manually. So I commented the code, what a novel idea!, and I took a look at the variables I was using and the only thing I was doin was writing the entire file over again because I had written the wrong variable name to write the archived task into! Yes oh so simple but also oh so satisfying. I will be back weekly with more (What’s that a schedule? Don’t count on me sticking to it, I can’t remember homework let alone a weekly blog, but I will see what I can do).