Program Update #1

Today is Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 and this update is a day late, great way to get started eh? So for the real stuff now, I have mostly done the backup sub routine and all that is left is to copy and paste some code for backing up individual files. I have added a feature so that now if you double click a task in the listbox it will pop up with information about the task, basically it just breaks the string apart into labels and gives it to you in an easily digestable format. Besides that I really fixed the archive file bug, I though I had but when I tried to archive multiple tasks they just overwrote the previous task on the first line, what I didn’t realize is that I needed to open the file in append mode; this means you are adding onto the end of the file instead of creating a new one and writing text to it. I also created options and will be creating a splash screen which will require a button to continue on to the normal program but this can be disabled in the options I have added. The options so far allow you to decide whether or not you want to backup files before they are accessed and stores it in a file called options.ini. There has been no progress whatsoever on the logo because I have zero talent with photoshop but they will get done eventually. So for the end of blog number one I’m out and see you next week (on monday).


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