This page will not only be for the GUI Todo.txt but any other random projects I decide to make while working on Todo.txt

Outdated version:

Alpha version .01:


2 Responses to “Download”

  1. Jaco Groenewald Says:

    It is definitely a very nice app idea, but really, have u considerred using .dat files
    to store the data in ?
    Wont be as resource hungry as a DB and as light as .txt, as far as using VB 2008
    that is a whole different conversation. anyway, i will look out for Beta and
    see what happens.

  2. nyskton Says:

    Well to Visual Basic .dat and .txt are the same thing, just different extension but same syntax and everything, I’m using VB 2008 because I just want to try it out, possibly keep using it, so far I like it just feels slightly foreign, like bits and pieces are based on VB 6 but some of it feels totally foreign.

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